Vacuum lifting equipment

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 Vacuum lifting equipment

      • Advantages

      • GB500

    GB lifting sandwich panels

    GB lifitng glass

    GB lifting curved glass

      • GBdcX800

      • CB400

    CB lifting roof panels

    CB lifting roof deck profile

    CB lifting sinus profile

      • RB

      • Robot-manipulator

      • CA (arm)

      • Unusual solutions



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Compact and durable, easy to transport.
Frontloader accessory facilitates the assembly of elements in difficult places - indoors, under the roofs, balconies and overhangs.

CA (crane arm)












Compact and durable, easy to transport. Weighs 55kg.

Load capacity - 1500kg in retracted position and 1000kg extended position.

Telescopic extension with a safety pin.
Mounts close to the front-end loader forks with an additional safety chain.
Fully galvanized.

CE certified.