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RB (Rota Boy)





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 Vacuum lifting equipment



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C-shaped base frame with a suspension eye for attachment to crane hook.
Main traverse 180 rotatable by hydraulic.
Vacuum storage tank with a non-return valve that is mounted on it as well as an adjustable vacuum switch to automatically switch the vacuum pump on and off.
Vacuum gauge with red-green indication to control the vacuum.

Transportation dimensions:
The frame, where Rota Boy and all of it's parts can be stored and transported, is compact as a pallet.
The machine's weight is 500kg.
Rota Boy is a unique device capable of lifting and turning roof panels that are up to 18m long and weigh 350 kg. It solves the handling problems associated with long panels and revolutionizes roof installation.
Powered by internal rechargeable batteries, the Rota Boy uses vacuum suction to lift and secure panels. At the press of a button, the panels can then be rotated by 180º without manual effort and panel distortion or damage.
Designed for operation efficiency and ease, the Rota Boy provides improved health and safety throughout handling and installing panels.
When fully charged it can instal more than 120 panels, recharging can take place during the night.