Vacuum lifting equipment

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 Vacuum lifting equipment

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- Multipurpose device for glass, door, plywood sheet and other flat surface installation.

- One person can install heavy elements.

- Easy and fast transportation of heavy elements and not damaging them.

- Equipment available with 280, 380 and 580kg lifting capacity.

- Electrically oporated motions provide fine insertion.

- A compact device which can be transported by minibus or small truck.

- Fits European Union regulations EN 13155




















Suitable to assemble, transport, lift and flip air-tight flat surfaces.

The device is suitable to work with glass packets, windows, stone, plywood and sandwich panels.
180 degrees pivotable gripper, which is located on a telescopical arm and gives the chance to transport even large glass elements through narrow passages. This device has very good abilities to manuever, which allows to turn in limited space.